A veritable globetrotter of universities and bulimic of studies, David Gerstein trained in art at schools all over the world. First in Jerusalem, David Gerstein studied at the Bezalel Academy, before flying to Paris to study at the Beaux-Arts in 1960. Two years later, he completed his training at the Art Student League in New York. Three internationally recognized schools, but David Gerstein didn't stop there. He took part in the Biennale d'Impression in Florence in 1972 and graduated from St Martin's School Of Art in London in 1974. He draws as much inspiration from his art courses as from the culture of his adopted cities. These dynamic metropolises allow him to open his mind to the world. His experience enables him to be at ease with all media. Engraving, sculpture and drawing hold no secrets for him, not to mention monumental mural creations. In the early days of his career, David Gerstein decided to become a children's artist, a vocation that was rewarded with the Israel Museum Illustration Prize. The artist was driven by a desire to break down the boundaries between street art and museum art. His works are intended to appeal to everyone, art professionals and neophytes alike. To achieve this, he uses a resounding pop spirit, jovial colors echoing nature, and a figurative style. He depicts playful scenes of life, bathed in movement. A frenetic rhythm that serves to denounce our current lifestyles, but it's also a way of enlivening his works. He keeps a benevolent eye on his models, and never fails to sprinkle his creations with a touch of humor.






Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia there live the blind texts.