Les voyageurs, BRUNO CATALANO

"Les voyageurs", BRUNO CATALANO

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Bruno Catalano and “Les voyageurs” : An Emblematic Sculptural Journey


Bruno Catalano, a renowned French sculptor, is famous for his unique bronze sculptures that capture the essence of human travel with emotional and aesthetic depth. His most famous series, The Travelers, explores the theme of travel and absence in a visually striking manner.

Bruno Catalano: A Self-Taught Sculptor

Born in 1960 in Casablanca, Bruno Catalano began his art career after emigrating to France. Entirely self-taught, his passion for sculpture pushed him to experiment with and master bronze, a material that would become his signature. His work is heavily influenced by his own experience as an immigrant, a predominant theme in his creations.

The Travelers Series

The Travelers is a series of sculptures that began in 2013. These works depict partially erased human figures that seem to be disappearing, with missing pieces in the middle of their bodies. These incomplete silhouettes are not only captivating but also eloquent, symbolizing the parts of ourselves that we lose along the way in our journeys and migrations.

Innovative Technique and Style

Bruno Catalano uses a remarkable technique where the void plays as important a role as the material itself. This approach gives the sculptures a visual lightness and dynamism that defies the conventions of traditional sculpture. The bronze, skillfully manipulated, appears to float, creating a striking visual effect that draws and intrigues.

Exhibitions and Reception

Bruno Catalano’s works have been exhibited in several cities around the world, attracting the attention of art critics and the public. The Travelers has been particularly well received, considered a poignant reflection on the modern human condition.

Where to Admire The Travelers

Bruno Catalano’s sculptures can be seen in various public and private collections around the world. They are also frequently displayed in art galleries and public spaces, offering the public a chance to connect with these significant works.


Through The Travelers, Bruno Catalano invites reflection on identity, memory, and especially travel as a metaphor for life. His sculptures offer a new way to see the void not as an absence, but as a space of possibility and reflection.






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